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Dalyan Turkey weddingGetting married in Turkey is relatively simple. Any Turkish national and any foreigner, as well as two foreigners of different nationalities, can get married in Turkey before the competent authorities. Two foreigners of the same nationality can marry either in the offices of their home country's embassy or consulate as well as before Turkish authorities.

Marriages to be conducted by Turkish authorities are regulated by the Turkish Civil Code. It may be possible to find the legal regulations in simplified form and in your own language on the Turkish Embassy web site in your country. But basically, here is a brief summary:

The basic laws related to marraige in Turkey are pretty much the same as they are in most countries. The minimum age for marriage is 18 years or age 17 with family permission. Polygamy and marriage between close relatives is forbidden and only those persons who have sufficient mental capacity to make competant judgments are allowed to marry. Married women whose marriage ended in a divorce, cannot marry before the expiration of 300 days from the date of dissolution. The divorce decree may also declare a waiting period for the man as well.

In meeting the above criteria there is some additional paperwork that must be provided. Most of the necessary documents should be available at your home country registry office, but contact your embassy to see if they might be of service with additional suggestions.

Necessary Documents

Dalyan Turkey weddingTo initiate the required marriage documents in Turkey, the bride and groom must first file a petition to marry (Turkish: Evlenme Beyannamesi) at the local Belediye municipal registrar office (Turkish: Evlendirme Birimi). This petition specifies the date and place when and where the marriage will take place.

Valid passports and six passport photos for both bride and groom are required. In addition, the couple will need international certificates of birth and certificates of capacity to marry, both translated into Turkish and notarized. The certificates of capacity to marry only stipulate that neither bride or groom is already married to another individual. These certificates are obtained from your local Registry Office in UK or your country of origin. It is a good idea to apply at least 2 months before your arrival in Turkey. In the case of being widowed or divorced, the divorcee will need to present an additional legal divorce decree document, and death certificate if applicable, that has been translated into Turkish as well. Both bride and groom will also need a health certificate.

What is a health certificate? It is a Turkish document that can be obtained at a health clinic (Turkish: sağlık ocağı). Some say that they no longer require this but do recommended it. A doctor simply asks a few questions, fills out a form and signs it. Both will need to get a tuberculosis test and generally the results will be ready the same day if an appointment is scheduled before 9 or 10 in the morning.

At times the officials at the registry office want to also set another date with the bride and groom for a short pre-marraige talk to advise the couple about married life. However, many registrars have begun to no longer require this. Marriage in Turkey is comparatively easy, but you should not wait until the last minute to organize these documents. It some cases it can require around five working days to get all the paperwork completed, and another delay of a couple of days between the completion of the documents and the day when the actual ceremony can take place.

Dalyan Turkey weddingAccording to Turkish marriage legislation and regulations, a Turkish national and a foreigner or two foreigners with different nationalities can get married in Turkey, but only before the competent Turkish authorities. Two foreigners of the same nationality can marry either in the offices of their own national Embassy or Consulate or before the Turkish marriage offices. A bride and a groom from the same country that decide to be married at the Turkish marriage offices must provide their marriage licences issued by the proper authorities of their own country. All the marriages conducted by the Turkish authorities will be regulated according to the merits and procedural provisions of the Turkish Civil Code and its related regulations. Be aware that you should look into these plans before filing the petition at the municipality for a wedding conducted by a Turkish registrar. Requesting a registrar to perform the ceremony at a location outside of the registry office must be booked in advance. Turkish civil code only allows civil marriages performed by authorized Turkish marriage officers. Ceremonies officiated by religious authorities or others have no legal effect in Turkey, but they may be held for any reason. This is an option some couples choose by having a simple legal ceremony in the court in their own country, and having the big ceremony held in Turkey. In this case, there is no need of the listed required documents.

Conditions for Legal Marraige in Turkey:

  • To marry in Turkey a person must be 18 or age 17 with the consent of adult relatives.
  • Only those who have sufficient mental capacity to make fair judgment are allowed to marry.
  • Those who are related trough consanguinity at first degree are not allowed to marry.
  • A married person can not apply for another marriage. A divorcee should produce the legal documents in order to marry again.
  • A women whose marriage was dissolved can not marry during the period which is indicated in the divorce decree. A divorce decree may also state a waiting period for the parties to marry again.
  • A person can not apply if there is a current legal bar or proceedings about her/his marriage.
  • Certain venereal and contagious diseases constitute a bar to marriage in Turkey.

Dalyan Turkey weddingWhen planning your wedding celebration remember that marriage ceremonies can also be officiated outside the municipality's registry offices. With the abundant natural scenery and exotic romantic locations in the Dalyan area, it is an ideal place to get married outdoors with sites such as the beach, boats, historic ruins and idyllic mountain locations. We can make all arrangments for anything from a Traditional Turkish to an American or British Style marriage ceremony. In the traditional Turkish wedding the women dance at the henna night while the groom and his friends are taken to a local barber for a special Turkish-style shave and to a local Turkish bath (Turkish: hamam) where they enjoy a steam bath and massage. (Remember that requesting a registrar for a location outside of the registry office must be booked in advance.)

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